How can you help?

Iški Morost Nature Reserve was established in order to restore and maintain endangered bird species’ habitats in the Ljubljana Marshes. We educate the public by demonstrating the importance of such habitats and conservation techniques employed to protect it.

The rare flora and fauna that inhabit this area are proof that with careful management and farming it it is possible to preserve the cultural landscape, which has often disappeared in the past. People also reap the benefits of nature-friendly farming such as better health as well as a more pleasant environment.

The state of the Ljubljana Marshes today was transformed by man and its future is dependent on our management of it. Both the local people and visitors will have to cooperate to preserve the cultural landscape of Ljubljana Marshes.

DOPPS has been the guardian of the Iški morost since its founding; furthermore the members of the society were also the initiators of its establishment.


You can help with the conservation efforts of the Ljubljana marshes conservation efforts as well!

Volunteer help with management

Every year, the volunteers carry out crucial tasks such as mowing, maintaining meadows and other habitats as well as up keeping the educational path. The contribution of trained volunteers is indispensable for monitoring the state of birds and other animal groups in the reserve.

We invite you to follow our Upcoming events for volunteer opportunities or write to us via email

Anyone visiting the reserve can also assist by obeying the rules and set an example for other visitors.

Donations and membership in the society

For a successful and effective management of the reserve we also require financial backing. We would greatly appreciate your help. The funds can be donated directly or indirectly by becoming a member of DOPPS.

The funds collected with your donations will be used to extend the surface area of the wet extensive meadows and to purchase land in the reserve that are currently privately owned.
When donating funds please indicate: Donation for NRIM.