Bodies of the Society

General Assembly

General Assembly is the highest body of the Society and is composed of all the interested members of the Society. Their tasks and authorities include electing and relieving members of the Society’s bodies, adopting and changing the statute of the organisation as well as adopting reports of the Supervisory Board. Based on the suggestion of the Management Board, the General Assembly can accept general decisions and standpoints relating to ornithology and bird protection in Slovenia.

The General Assembly is called together by the President of the society and the Management Board at least once a year.

The governing bodies of the Society

Mandate of all the governing bodies’ members is two years and voluntary. Members of the bodies are nominated by either the Management Board or at least 30 members from the Society who endorse these candidates with their signatures. To run for this position one must be a member of the Society, which have been actively working in the organisation’s projects and has thus significantly contributed to the realization of the organisations’ goals and tasks.

President, Vice-president and Management Board
Supervisory Board

The working bodies of the society

The Management Board establishes working bodies, adopts rules for their operation and appoint their leaders in order to realise the tasks and aims of the Society. Additionally to the working bodies, such as different committees and working groups, which are directly subordinate to the Society’s Management Board, there is also the professional Central Office, run by the Director.