Birds and People

Birds are the most popular group of animals; they enthral people all over the globe. We encounter them on a daily basis, as they attract us with their song, look and flying skill; which we have been long jealous of. As a symbol in art and religion, they play an important role in most human cultures.

Becoming more aware of them, we start to wonder, whether we know them at all. We are intrigued by their way of life, their feeding habits and preferred nesting sites. We are often unsure of how to observe them, without disturbing them and how to help them in order not to damage them even further.

In the organisation we would like to share our enthusiasm and knowledge with children as well as adults, which is why we implement numerous educational activities, trips and other events. Learning about birds can be the first step towards realising the meaning of environment protection and nature conservation, thus establishing better living conditions for birds as well as people.

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    People and Birds

    Birds are the most popular and researched animal group in the world and have an important role in nature conservation efforts. Why is biodiversity conservation urgent for the existence of humanity?
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    Birds of Slovenia

    Get to know all the different types of birds which appear in Slovenia and Europe. We have gathered descriptions and photographs of over 250 bird species.
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    Slovenian Rarities Committee

    The Rarities Committee takes care of collecting, sorting and editing data about the distribution and sightings of rare bird species in Slovenia. View the newest decisions about these species and fill out a form to let them know your observations.
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    Bird Watching

    Where, when and how to spend an unforgettable day in nature/outdoors? Do you have difficulties at identifying different species inside individual bird groups? Our tips will definitely help and inspire you.
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    Help Birds and Nature

    Suggestions on how we can help birds inhabiting our surroundings, with small changes and help enrich our environment.
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    We pass on our love for nature and rich ornithological knowledge to all age groups. Teachers, educators and other teaching staff can on these pages find more about our experiences and recommendations.