Atlas of breeding birds of Slovenia

DOPPS has, on the occasion of its 40th anniversary (founded in 1979), published a basic national professional ornithological work – Atlas of breeding birds of Slovenia. The fieldwork for the preparation of the atlas lasted 15 years. In the years 2002-2017, Slovenian ornithologists systematically surveyed the entire territory of the country, collecting over 350.000 bird observations. 632 volunteers participated in the censuses. Data were processed using state-of-the-art analytical methods, and prevalence maps were produced for each breeding species along with density maps for the frequent ones. For each species, we have prepared a comprehensive text explaining the importance of the data and addressing the distribution, habitat, endangerment and ecology of the species in our country. A total of 44 experts participated in the writing of the texts, all of them being peer-reviewed. The atlas includes 239 bird species represented with color photographs, 228 of which are nesting in Slovenia. The Atlas of breeding birds of Slovenia is a monography of 604 pages and is a proof that Slovenian ornithology is at the level of the most advanced countries. At the same time, it is a testament to the exceptional dedication of the members of society and colleagues in the fields of research and conservation of birds and nature.

The mapping of 239 bird species, of which 228 are breeding in Slovenia.

Elevation charts, estimated populations and photos are provided for every species.

More than 350,000 collected data is being included and It shows changes in species distribution comparing to data from 1995.

Texts from 44 experts.

The atlas is in Slovenian language with summaries of the species’ breeding status and distribution provided in English for all species, together with the English names at the beginning and the summary of methodology and data processing.

Atlas of breeding birds of Slovenia covers 15 years of fieldwork with help of 632 volunteer fieldworkers.

Atlas was published in May 2019.


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