Škocjanski zatok Nature Reserve

The Škocjanski Zatok Nature Reserve is a 122 hectare Mediterranean wetland and the largest brackish swamp in Slovenia. Due to its diversity of brackish and freshwater habitats, it has become a paradise for a multitude of animal and plant species, and by extension, for all who like to observe and experience nature.


Škocjanski Zatok is located in the immediate vicinity of the town of Koper. It consists of a brackish lagoon with nesting islets, puddles and mudflats, where one can find different types of halophytes (plants adapted to salty air and ground), and a freshwater swamp with marshy grasslands, open waters, reeds and thermophilic shrubs.

Visit us!

Škocjanski Zatok is the right choice for anyone who wishes to experience the rich biodiversity of Mediterranean wetlands within a small area. By walking the circular two kilometre educational trail, visitors get to know the abundant flora and fauna in the Reserve.

The idyll of the area is complemented by Camargue horses and Podolian cattle who maintain vegetation balance by grazing the freshwater part of the nature reserve.

Detailed information and news are available on the Zatok website: skocjanski-zatok.org/en/.