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We are working for the protection of birds and their habitats thus contributing to conservation of nature and welfare of the society. The results of numerous years of effort are visible in the improvement of the environmental protection scheme in place for nature conservation. Furthermore we have improved the community’s understanding behind nature conservation and its’ importance, as well as providing opportunities to see the progress themselves. All of which would not be possible without the help of numerous supporters.

Our work is dependent on the cooperation and generosity of people like you. Only together can we achieve success, as such we need your support and voice.

Everyone can contribute and help build DOPPS-Birdlife Slovenia. We are excited to meet you.

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Surprise your loved ones with a gift while aiding conservation.

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Become a lifetime member and contribute to bird and nature conservation. This prestigious membership is available for anyone, who is aware of the large implications of the long-term support to the organisation.

Why join us?

»Nature is under attack like never before and urgently needs our protection. I’m inspired by the professionalism and the success of the projects run by DOPPS.«

»Every winter, my grandchildren and I observe the lively atmosphere around full feeders in our garden. I found the organisation when I was interested in how to make nesting sites for birds.«

»I have been interested in the life of birds and researching nature since I was very small and that is why I became a member in primary school. Today I help with many surveys and research birds.«
Nova Gorica

How do we finance our work?

The organisation’s income breakdown for 2013.
The organisation’s spending breakdown for 2013.