DOPPS-Birdlife Slovenia is a non-profit and non-government organisation. In conjunction with our main tasks of research, nature conservation and education, we also implement other services in line with our mission.

We offer:

  • Professional ornithological guides and nature conservation days in reserves or elsewhere in Slovenia. Furthermore, we offer professional ornithological and nature conservation themed lectures, for a variety of target groups (preschool children, primary school students, high school students, university students, farmers, general public and others).
  • Workshops for different demographics, which encompass theoretical and practical parts. Through this one can gain special ornithological knowledge such as bird and birdsong identification, research methods in ornithology, the use of birds in the pedagogical work, constructing nest boxes and feeders etc.
  • Ornithological and conservation biology research (inventory of avifauna in small and large areas, evaluating the impact planned activities could have on birds, researching individual species, other applied and ecological research).
  • Professional help and advice focused on solving cases of all nature conservation problems related to birds.
  • Ad placements in the organisation’s publications (Svet ptic (“The World of Birds”) magazine, professional journal Acrocephalus along with others) and on our website.
  • Subscription of the periodical DOPPS-Birdlife Slovenia and supply a large number of magazine copies and DOPPS-Birdlife Slovenia publications as well as other related products.
  • Different types of business participation programs and promotions with the organisation.
DOPPS-BirdLife Slovenia
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