Nature Reserves

Managing nature reserves is a very effective way of protecting nature. We establish reserves to conserve biodiversity and to protect natural and cultural resources. Due to human interventions in nature, the numbers of animal and plant species dwindle as unique habitats disappear.

Nature reserves throughout Slovenia are becoming increasingly popular among visitors. These areas play an important educational role as the centres of high-quality displays of nature, promoting nature conservation and the sustainable use of natural resources, recreation and a healthy lifestyle. Reserves also contribute significantly to local development and economy by involving the local population in various aspects of management and marketing of home-made products.

Our vision is to establish as many nature reserves as possible, with the areas realising all the above described functions: conservation, education, research and local development.

Establishing reserves is a complex operation, usually dependent not so much on expertise as on issues of land ownership, funding, local circumstances, and last but not least, luck. In these efforts, we welcome your assistance!

Welcome to DOPPS-BirdLife Slovenia Nature Reserves!